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Re: Are vaccines necessary for travel to Costa Rica?

Von: Jon
Date: 24.Jan.2003
Time: 02:59:02 -0600
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I would go with what Dennis recommends. Hep A comes in 2 parts, the 2nd being a booster that you will need about 6-12 months after the first. If your insurance doesn't cover your vaccines and tetanus is costly, consider having it here. I had one when I cut my finger and it cost less than $1.00. Any clinic should have it. You might even want to check on Hep A here, if you are able to get it, it would certainly be cheaper. Unfortunaetly there is no vaccination for malaria. There is preventive medicine that comes with side effects and is not 100% effective, meaning you can still get malaria while taking the medicine. Most doctors will recommend it, but I feel it's a very personal decision. As for Typhoid, that is one that my employer requires becuase of the traveling I do, but a colleague of mine, also here in CR, told me he tried to get one here and was told they do not even have it. Therefore, I wouldn't worry about that one. Regards, Jon