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Re: How much of a setback is it going during the rainy season (June)

Von: Dennis
Date: 28.Feb.2003
Time: 01:38:33 -0600
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The "Green Season" is the only time I go to Costa Rica. There are less tourists, and prices are less expensive. It normally rains in the late afternoon or early morning. Here is an explanation of the "Green Season" The Green Season in Costa Rica provides the lowest prices of the year. Technically, there are two seasons in Costa Rica -- high and low. However, between May 1 and Nov. 30 is known as the Green Season, because it is the rainy season and everything is beautiful, fresh and green. This is my favorite time of year in Costa Rica. It doesn't rain everyday, but when it does, it usually is in the afternoon. Costa Rica is a beautiful, safe country that is well south of the hurricane line. The Green Season is divided into two parts: Summer - May 1 to Sept. 24 Fall - Sept. 25 to Nov. 30 The summer season has lower prices than high season, but the fall season boasts the lowest prices of the year. Now is an excellent time to plan an individual, family or group trip to Costa Rica in 2002 at a very affordable price. This is the very best time to view the volcanoes, river raft, visit the rain forests, see the green sea turtles laying eggs and enjoy scuba diving in the flat Pacific Ocean.