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Von: Jason
Date: 15.Apr.2003
Time: 04:34:29 -0500
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My wife and I are planning to go to Costa Rica in late May and early June. Any info for couples traveling alone (couldn't find anyone else that could go) would be appreciated. We're most interested in things like expected costs for places to stay, places to avoid, etc. Also, I know CR is pretty safe, but I would hopefully be in the water all day, and my wife on the beach. Will she be safe? Technically its the rainy season, but is there really a lot that time of year (will she be chased to the vehicle a lot and the roads a mess)? Any other attractions that don't take too much time from surfing but can keep her from getting too bored? Oh yeah - the surf. I consider myself average and as far as I can tell that time of year can be anywhere from 2ft to 10ft? Again, suggestions of any kind appreciated - I've never been there. Thanks.