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Re: traveller's cheques

Date: 17.May.2003
Time: 03:59:04 -0500
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Here we go again re: travellers cheques. We have found that fewer and fewer places will accept a travellers cheque. There have been too many forgeries and other fraudulent uses. The merchants have learned. We couldnt even use one at National Car Rental and that says a lot. Use the ATM's. Take out enough to last you a couple of days. There are some ATMs that will give either US$ or colones. There may be a small charge on top of your own banks charges but its worth it. We carry a small amount in travellers cheques for emergencies (most hotels will change your tcs). Also carry a small amount of US cash (small bills for tips are always appreciated) and maybe some larger (but leave most of it locked up in your hotel) for negotiating a good purchase price on articles you may wish to buy down there. Check out the leather luggage: its gorgeous. Then theres the type of ATM card you carry: some are Visa (Plus) or Mastercard (Cirrus). Most SJ banks will take either or both. You may have problems with Cirrus cards in places like Quepos or Jaco. Both have ATMs but in Quepos, we couldnt find one that took Cirrus. That may have changed by now. In Jaco, the only one that took Cirrus was in Mas x Menos and they charge extra for the use. Anyway, take one of each if you can. We take both - one from CIBC (Plus) and one from B of Montreal (Cirrus). Works for us. Have a great trip.